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7 Ways Technology Can Improve Workforce Retention

Employee retention is a critical issue for businesses of all types. The costs to replace an employee are high — managing the search itself, the lost productivity by being down personnel, the onboarding and training of a new employee.

As new generations of employees who are digital natives enter the workforce, companies are turning to technology to improve employee engagement, morale and retention rates. Here is a closer look at 7 technologies making an impact on employee retention.

1. Communications Tools

Employees today need to connect with each other, vendors, partners and customers quickly with reliable technology. Investing in communication technologies like video conferencing, instant messaging and intranet services help with productivity and forge meaningful work relationships.

2. Productivity Tools

Microsoft Office is ubiquitous in business today. With Microsoft Office 365, you can provide your employees with access to the popular suite of software applications from anywhere and on any device. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-hosted version of Office that allows for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and shared file access for employees who are traveling, working remotely or contract workers.

3. Rewards Platforms

Employees can be incentivized to be more productive and to recognize exemplary work among their colleagues with rewards tools. These platforms allow companies to acknowledge great work and celebrate while providing special perks that boost morale and retention.

4. Wireless Connectivity

Nothing is more frustrating than internal wireless networks that lag, are difficult to access or are unreliable. Providing high-quality, high-speed wireless networks helps maintain productivity and allows employees to use their own devices without incurring roaming fees or using up their own bandwidth capacity.

5. Polling Tools

Do you have a clear sense as to the level of morale and employee engagement? Do you know the core issues that employees are talking about at the coffee station or in the break room? If not, using polling technology allows you to gauge how employees are feeling and performing while collecting insights about what’ issues need to be addressed by human resources and front-line managers.

6. Predictive Analytics

New platforms are emerging that help companies better understand the patterns, behaviors, work and indicators that make employees more likely to leave. Understanding these insights helps companies make better decisions about employee retention strategies.

7. Cloud Computing and Managed IT

Businesses using cloud solutions and managed IT services provide their workers with the tools to access, use and leverage data for more innovation and creativity. With managed IT services, your business can offer reliable functionality, help-desk services for software and hardware problems and the ability to grow quickly.

At NetLogix, we help companies with technology solutions for their most pressing business needs. We deliver services and products to companies throughout western Massachusetts, New England and nationwide. Our technologies, including managed IT services, Microsoft Office 365 optimization and support, VoIP business telephone systems, wireless connectivity and cloud computing, improve your business productivity, reduce operating costs, and offer your employees the newest technologies to keep them a part of your business.

To learn more about NetLogix technology solutions for your business, contact us today.

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