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Does your business still follow the old “one application, one server” model? If it does, then up to 70% of your IT budget could be going to just maintaining your existing infrastructure rather than effectively leveraging it to promote business growth and innovation.

We provide server virtualization support and consulting services in Agawam, MA and can help you in breaking out of that growth-constraining IT model by allowing you to run multiple applications in just one physical server.

Having a virtual server allows you to enjoy more benefits. Among the list of features it offers many are essential to running a modern day business.  Let's look at a few of the key benefits of server virtualization:

  • Increase server utilization
  • Centralize control of all desktop OS and applications
  • Reduce power and cooling requirements
  • Better control virus and malware outbreaks
  • Simplify management of OS and application patch updates
  • Reduce device theft
  • Increase data security and remote access

NetLogix can help you get the most out of your hardware servers. Our experts are trained and equipped with the right skills to install, configure, utilize and maintain a working and reliable virtual server. You can rest easy when working with us. Contact us today for more information on how NetLogix can help you with server virtualization today.