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Wireless Site Surveys and Heatmapping Services | Northampton, MA

Planning is often one of the most overlooked yet most important processes in setting up a wireless network. Failure to plan leads to a multitude of problems including dead-spots in coverage  and unstable connections, and poor signal strength.

Netlogix is here to help your company, whether an entirely new wireless network design is needed, or expansion and troubleshooting for an existing network. We perform wireless network site surveys and heat mapping in Northampton, MA to help plan your next wireless network install.  By planning ahead and properly evaluating your building, we can ensure a fast, reliable wireless network with no dead spots or flaky coverage.


Our site survey and heat map solution offerings include the following elements:

  • Location – Netlogix identifies the best locations at which  access points  should be placed in order to ensure optimal wireless coverage and reliable network speed.
  • Environmental Factors – Our wireless network engineers take into consideration the factors that can interrupt your network coverage, including things such as  building construction and anticipated population density.
  • Frequency Propagation Tests – Our wireless network engineers use frequency measuring tools and tests to guarantee 99.99% wireless reliability
  • Specifications – During the survey process, specifications are carefully developed for the required network layout and cabling.
  • Final Report – Upon completion of the wireless survey, a written report is provided containing administrative details, technical and hardware requirements, equipment and frequency test reports, and other relevant documentation that can assist future expansion or troubleshooting of the wireless network.

We are ready to help your company and work with organizations of all sizes.

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