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Compare and Contrast Computers: Business Grade vs. Consumer Grade
If your business is considering new computer purchases. you need to understand the differences between business-grade and consumer-grade machines. These differences should inform your decision, as should a clear understanding of how the machines are used. In many cases, your company’s computers are used for hours each day, running sophisticated software programs and accessing data and information…
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Nasdaq Financial Framework And Microsoft Azure Blockchain Services Enter New Partnership
Every single person in the finance industry knows Microsoft and Nasdaq, and there are many people that have played a role in their rising stocks. Institutional investors trust them, and their recent decision to collaborate simply makes them stronger. One of their first areas of interest to explore is blockchain technology. Microsoft will be providing…
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Control and improve your security posture with Azure Secure score
With an increasing number of recommendations and many security vulnerabilities surfaced, it is harder to triage and prioritize your response. In addition to a growing amount of information, you have Control and improve your security posture with Azure Secure score thumbnail courtesy of
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Facebook Messenger Getting Feature To Help With Fake Accounts
It’s no secret that there are legions of scammers and spammers haunting the virtual halls of Facebook.  As the world’s largest and most influential social networking site, it’s a natural target, making its masses of users natural targets, too. Facebook is taking steps to counter the threat posed by these nefarious actors, after being somewhat…
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Bug In Facebook May Have Unblocked People You Blocked
Facebook recently announced a site bug that impacted the privacy settings of more than 800,000 of its users.  If you’re one of the unfortunate souls who has been affected, then people you had formerly blocked may have become unblocked, and can now see your posts. For many people, that’s not a huge deal. In some…
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