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How to Tell If Your Business Needs IT support from an MSP

Every modern business, whether or not it is tech-related, depends on various IT technologies in a way no one had imagined a few years ago. From communication and collaboration to optimization and monitoring, a network of computers and web applications can help you increase the efficiency of your business in many ways. 

However, these technologies also expose your business to potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities. You may have to experience server downtime, system bugs, and even fend off a data breach anytime. Furthermore, you need to update and maintain the hardware and software regularly to ensure business continuity, reduce security risk, and assure IT compliance. 

However, if you run a Small or Medium Business (SMB), trying to maintain a comprehensive in-house IT team can be very challenging. Most SMBs don’t have the financial resources to hire experienced and skilled IT staff. That’s where a Managed Service Provider or MSP comes in. An MSP can provide you with comprehensive IT support from qualified and proficient professionals. 

But when is the right time to hire an MSP? 

Here are five signs that your business needs an MSP.

  • Continuous Tech Troubles

Whether it is server failure or applications freezing out of nowhere, continuous tech issues are a surefire sign that you need dedicated and expert IT support. Most businesses, especially the ones in the non-tech niche, often lack the knowledge and skills to know what is happening to their IT network. 

The recurring issues may be due to a system that can barely handle your workload or an external factor like a data breach. However, with no technical expertise, it is difficult to identify the root causes and fix the issues. 

That’s why you need to hire an MSP. They can help you analyze your entire network to see if it can handle your workload and if there are any external threats. Their proactive maintenance and IT planning can help you fix potential issues before they turn into complete disasters.

  • Rapidly Increasing IT Costs

Another sign you need an IT service provider is rapidly increasing IT costs, including cloud computing. As your business grows and new technologies enter the market, you will need to invest in upgrading your network. The latest technologies, while vital for your business, can also be expensive. 

Owing to your limited tech knowledge or the lack thereof, you may end up investing in technologies that you don’t need. Sometimes, you might also buy expensive software, although a more economical and equally competent alternative is available. In other words, your IT budget not only swells, but the costs add up unnecessarily. 

With careful planning, however, you can optimize your IT budget and get the best return on every dollar you spend. Your MSP will help you identify and plan all your technology needs, including on-going IT support as well as your future needs. As it will help you understand in advance, where and how much you need to spend on new technology, you can set funds aside accordingly.

  • Your IT Network Lacks Scalability

When it comes to technology, scalability is critical, especially if your business is expanding. As your business grows, you will need to add new devices, applications, and servers to your existing network. 

You may also need to replace and upgrade your existing hardware and software. This can prove challenging if you know nothing about IT. 

However, a managed IT service provider can help you scale your network up or down by studying your present and future business goals. With their years of experience, an MSP can also help you deploy the new technologies tailored to your needs as quickly as possible. 

So, unlike your competitors, they can help you lead the tech developments from the front, not just react to evolving market trends. This allows you to tap new business opportunities and revenue streams, offering you a competitive edge over your competitors.

  • You Are Facing Increased Cyberthreats

In this digital age, no business is safe from a potential cyberthreat. Both small and large enterprises are in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2020, 28% of breaches involved small business victims, while 72% of breaches involved large business victims. 

Usually, frequent exposure and susceptibility to cyberthreats, be it a ransomware attack or a data breach, indicates a serious lack of cybersecurity. If you are not an IT support expert, you can’t ensure 360-degree security of your entire computer network. You want experts that deal with and mitigate a variety of cyber threats daily.  

A managed service provider, along with your IT admin, can help you monitor your network. They will make sure to update your software and patches on time, monitor the system for suspicious activity, and alert you immediately if any problem is detected. 

  • You Create Terabytes of Data Everyday

Data is the foundation of any modern-age business. But, should your data be stolen or destroyed due to a manmade or natural disaster, it could put you out of business. The best way to minimize the impact of such a disaster on your business is to ensure regular data backup and have a disaster recovery plan in place. 

This, however, is easier said than done. Although you may have a data backup solution in place, you are still likely to lose some of your data during backup and recovery as well. That’s why you need experts.

Most managed service providers are aware of the far-reaching consequences of sudden data loss. They are experts in creating customized data backup and disaster recovery plan depending on your data type, size, and use. With your MSP’s help, you can design a strategy having a combination of data encryption, multiple off-site data backups, and quick recovery and restoration process.

Wrap Up 

With dedicated IT support, your business can thrive without having to worry about unplanned downtime or irrecoverable data loss. If you see any of the above signs, start looking for a suitable managed service provider for your business. Remember, your hard-earned resources and brand reputation are precious enough to warrant a comprehensive and proactive network monitoring approach. When do you plan to hire an MSP? Tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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