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Client Security Success Scorecard

How To Use This Scorecard:

  1. Read through each section 1-10 and check the boxes that are TRUE for you. You’ll receive 2 points if the statement is completely true. 1 point for a “true, but needs improvement.” If it’s NOT true at all,  you get ZERO points.
  2. The highest score you can receive per section is a perfect “10” (2 points for each checkbox) in each section.
The Cyber Security Implementation Checklist And Scorecard:
  • 1. You have a good, fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and have a documented and “living” security policy for your organization.

  • 2. You have a clearly defined password protection policy in place that the organization embraces and understands.

  • 3. You and your employees understand your Backup Process in the event your network goes down or is destroyed.

  • 4. Can your employees spot phishing emails that spoof employees into downloading or giving up sensitive information?

  • 5. Employees know what they should and should not be doing with company technology, and it is documented and signed by all employees.

  • 6. You have a way to monitor network traffic with intelligent tools to detect and prevent malicious network traffic.

  • 7. You have understanding what the Dark Web is, you have monitoring for breaches and compromises for your business email accounts and domains.

  • 8. You have internet usage monitoring, written and enforced acceptable internet use policies.

  • 9. You have a detailed, documented Disaster Recovery Plan that outlines the exact steps on how to recover from a disaster or system outage.

  • 10. Your business has had a security audit/assessment in the past 12 months.

  • Bonus Points: You have specific CyberSecurity Insurance Coverage.

Interpreting Your Score:

90 Points Or Above: You’re A CyberSecurity ROCK STAR!

In fact, you should sleep like a baby every night knowing that your business is hardened from attacks and has engaged, knowledgeable, and careful staff.

70-89 Points: Pretty Damned Good!

It looks like you “get” security and are engaged at protecting your company and client data.. Keep improving and mastering the fundamentals with more aggressively and expanded implementation.

50-69 Points: You Have A LOT Of Room For Improvement

You’ve got some good fundamentals in place, but still lack a number of key things that will bring it all together. Kuddos for getting the fundamentals down, but remember your security is only as strong as your weakest link.

30-49 Points: You’re HURTIN’

UNLESS you’re just getting ramped up (meaning you’ve been in business for less than a year) you are operating and thinking like a TECH with a job, not an entrepreneur. It’s safe to guess you are not profitable, you work LONG hours for clients who don’t pay you very much or appreciate you and you have no stability in your business.

29 Points Or Below: Total Security Failure!

You are extremely vulnerable to total failure in your business security. You MUST get a handle on security to prevent disaster.. Please take action now to ensure you don’t have an business ending event.

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