What happens when the PC that controls your PAN is down?

How much production will you lose before your current provider can diagnose the problem and get a pc repair technician on site?

Our computer repair technicians have worked with the major dental practice management systems – and our computer repair technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals. Can your current outsourced IT support provider answer that question in the affirmative? Netlogix’s technicians have experience with dental IT support – consider working with us as your outsourced IT support provider.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Are you compliant? Netlogix IT specialists have helped many dental practices implement process to assist in compliancy. With the new federal regulations that address patient privacy and security, those in the dental industry must evaluate their dental IT practices and learn more about this healthcare reform.

Netlogix will let you know the specific steps you need to take to become compliant – such as notification and documentation

Contact Netlogix and arrange for your preventative dental IT support, VoIP telephony, systems integration, and computer repair needs – we’ll let you focus on pulling teeth instead of pulling hair.