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IT Solutions for Construction Industry Westfield, MA

Discover IT Solutions for Construction

Overlooking the Vital Role of Technology in Construction? If Your Solutions Provider Lags Behind, It's Time for a Change. Explore Cutting-Edge IT Solutions for the Construction Industry.

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You can't afford to deal with networks that are always going down and experiencing problems. You don't have time for legacy software that you need suddenly becoming incompatible with your environment. You've got workers at job sites that need to remain connected despite the fact that they couldn't be farther apart.
Whether you rely on Sage General Contractor, Master Builder or some other critical, industry-specific solution, it doesn't matter. Our team knows these software options so well that we can provide you with the unparalleled level of service and support you need today to keep doing incredible work tomorrow.

The result? A positive impact on revenue.

"They are all courteous, professional, patient, and most important, explain things in laymen’s terms, not computer-ese! I’ve been very negligent in telling you that it’s a pleasure dealing with your entire staff whenever the need arises here at our firm. They are all courteous, professional, patient, and most important, explain things in laymen’s terms, not computer-ese! We’ve enjoyed this great service since day one. It was especially evident when we upgraded to our current new server. At that time, the NetLogix team did a marvelous, seamless job transitioning our old server to the new server, while patiently answering the myriad of questions that I had during the entire process. Fast forward to today and the various requests that I’ve thrown at NetLogix during the software and hardware setup of a new employee. Once again NetLogix worked as a team. In every instance, questions were thoroughly answered, problems were solved, and that new employee is now up and running, all thanks to the perseverance, patience and extensive computer knowledge of the NetLogix crew."

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Arista Development

Technology Solutions that Give Your Employees Connectivity, Reliability and Data Security

Keep in contact with remotely deployed employees, share detailed files quickly and connect with suppliers, partners and customers with ease using managed IT solutions from NetLogix. See how your construction business can build the right connections that create a solid foundation by scheduling an initial, no-obligation consultation.