Core Values2018-08-09T21:06:21+00:00
We are one team

NetLogix builds a positive team and family spirit, supporting each other both professionally and personally. We as individuals work as a team unified in our purpose and mission.

We check ego at the door

We serve our clients, fellow team members, and the community as a whole, with humility and gratitude as the greatest and highest good.

We have the attitude of a champion

We hustle with an underdog mentality! Perseverance is our strength, because success is not ever failing, but never quitting. A competitive marketplace makes us better, sharper, and more innovative.

We love what we do

We work with a higher purpose, loving what we do, and we rise by lifting others up while on the journey. We are motivated to turn problems into opportunities.

We strive to be better than best

We never stop learning, and are never satisfied with good enough. We foster a culture of innovation heavily dependent on collaboration, positive conflict and allowing failure to precede invention.

We are accountable

Accountability is paramount to us, as we never walk by a mistake, and ALWAYS do what we say we do. We add real value, and show the client what they are getting with substance over flash.