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Let’s Talk About Co-Managed IT Services

In my 25 years of experience providing IT solutions to small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and everything in between, I’ve seen a lot of different systems and solutions. Everyone’s network is different, and every company’s needs are different.

There’s a reason why we provide such a large array of services at NetLogix, from network monitoring to VoIP and telephony solutions. Not every company needs or wants a complete managed IT service. Not every company needs all the services that we provide. Some companies have very specific needs that they want met.

Co-managed solutions are ideal if there are some business processes you want managed for you, and other business processes that you want to keep internally. If you already have an IT department that’s doing a great job, great! We don’t replace them. We just help them out.

Our clients are thrilled that there’s no problem that’s too big or small for us. We’re willing to help out whether you just need a help desk solution, or whether you need most of your infrastructure managed for you.

Over time, we get to know our customer’s solutions inside and out. We’re proud of being able to learn more about our customers, how they operate, and what they really need.

Co-managed solutions can be used to improve your company’s security, tackle projects, scale your business upwards, and more. Here’s what you need to know about how a co-managed solution works, and how it can best benefit you.

What is Co-Managed IT? Breaking Things Down

At its core, co-managed IT is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an arrangement where your own internal IT department continues to handle some of the tasks and issues related to your infrastructure, while a third party services provider handles many of the others.

So instead of offloading everything to a third party, you’re allowing someone to come in and handle things like proactive cyber security, thorough and robust backups, the management of help desk requests, and even things like password resets.

These are the types of tasks that are absolutely essential… but that doesn’t make them any less irritating. So from that perspective, co-managed IT is an opportunity for many organizations to “have their cake and eat it, too” as far as their technology is concerned.

When Co-Managed IT Might Be Right For You

As is true with so many other areas of technology, co-managed IT isn’t going to be the perfect fit for everyone out there. Some companies have grown at such a rate where they NEED to go “all in” on managed support. Others are still small enough where their own people are getting along just fine.

But those organizations in the middle – and there are many of them out there – are the ones that stand to benefit the most from a co-managed arrangement.

Every minute that your own people are focusing on resetting passwords yet again, wading through help desk tickets, or handling any one of the other mundane tasks that usually fall on IT’s plate is a minute they’re not making your business money.

Imagine if they didn’t have to worry about any of these things and could devote the entirety of their attention to optimizing workflows and internal processes so that your organization can run more efficiently and profitably. What do you think your IT person would say if you told him or her they never had to spend another minute on updating existing software, and could instead get back to work on building that custom app that will revolutionize your productivity that they’ve been working on?

Or, think about it from your perspective. Imagine never again having to deal with a “technology nightmare day” every time your internal IT person calls in sick. Remember that time when your last IT person unexpectedly quit, causing never-ending problems until you could finally hire and train a new person? Picture the relief that would come with knowing you never have to worry about that in the future.

These, ultimately, are the reasons why co-managed IT might be right for your business. It’s less about replacing your existing IT workforce and is more about supporting and empowering them. By taking as many of the routine, time consuming and administrative tasks off their “To Do” list as possible, they’re free to devote themselves to the “bigger picture” issues that will add to your bottom line.

Ultimately, what could be more important than that?


Whether you need a fully managed solution or a co-managed solution, the process begins with a consultation. Contact us, and we'll go over your company's current needs and existing solutions, to figure out what the best options are for you. Let's talk today.

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