The Top 10 Ways Hackers Get Around Your Firewall And Anti-Virus To Rob You Blind

This report reveals the most common ways that hackers get in and how to protect yourself today.

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At NetLogix there’s no question too small to ask. I’ve never been made to feel something I have asked is “stupid”, or beneath the time of whomever is helping me. I’m confident in the answers given to me and I always get a full and informed response. The reply time and follow through to ensure a problem has been corrected is what they do better than any other IT firm I’ve had experience with, and the peace of mind for doing business is an invaluable advantage. We are extremely dependent on our agency management system and knowing we can depend on someone to fix problems efficiently and quickly is wonderful.

Karen O’Connor, O’Connor Insurance

I waited to choose NetLogix, and in the process, I learned a painful lesson. Our business got hacked, and lost all of our historical documents. Since our partnering with them, we have had no further incidents. Additionally, having the ability to control our staff emails by resetting passwords, enabling lock outs when an employee is terminated and facilitating encryption, is the single biggest benefit since moving to a Managed Service Plan. The speed when sending and receiving emails, coupled with the easy access from any device has made our business much more dynamic in facing real time challenges, and NetLogix’ timely response to any and all issues we face is unparalleled in my experience with the industry.

Wilfred Stebbins

I wanted to make sure I expressed my unapologetic admiration and appreciation for the work Erin Lamica has been doing for our office. In an effort to try and make our firm more efficient and manageable, Iíve recently thrown a number of tasks and requests at her. Not only has she found a solution for every single problem Iíve identified, but sheís done it very quickly, and very responsively… I’ll tell you that how Erin has handled all of my requests for the past 3-4 weeks will keep me as a NetLogix client for a long time.


I want to let you know what a good job Jeremy did for our firm and me in getting me set up for my job transition.  It was an incredibly long day, in part due to difficulties with files coming from my office here, but he soldiered on and came to my house (from Norwood to Hingham) and stayed until I was all set up and he checked everything out and made sure that I was comfortable with the equipment.   It was well after business hours, and he had a very long drive ahead of him, but he was personable and professional throughout.  I appreciate all his efforts and am grateful to have Netlogix in my corner as I work with us.