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Springfield IT services: The Complete Guide for Springfield Small Businesses

As the economic center of Western Massachusetts, Springfield offers a budding environment for small businesses. It was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of “Surge Cities” for 2020, putting it in the top 50 cities nationwide for starting a business.

However, an ever-growing business environment also creates fierce competition. One of the most successful ways to overcome competition is to use the right technology. From ensuring 24/7 customer support to streamlining business operations, technology can help your small business in many ways.

With the help of a managed IT services company, even small businesses can now afford professional technical support. You don’t need to maintain an in-house IT team or tech department.

Let’s see what outsourced IT support involves, why it is better than an in-house IT team, and how you can find a suitable Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

What Are Managed IT services?

IT services include the application of technical and business knowledge to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and security of your IT environment. As your network improves, so does your overall business productivity and uptime. The technical services will change depending on your business needs and the service provider or your IT team, but it often includes:

  • IT Consulting Services
  • Managed IT services
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Network & Cyber Security
  • VoIP Telephony Services
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Network Monitoring Services
  • Office 365 Support & Consulting Services
  • Microsoft Azure Support Services
  • CMMC Compliance Services

Understanding In-House vs Managed IT services

Whether you should have an in-house IT team or outsource your IT needs to an MSP is a never-ending debate. Both technology support systems come with unique benefits of their own. When it comes to small businesses, getting third-party IT services in Springfield often makes sense. Here is why.

Avoid Operational Overheads

Maintaining an in-house IT team comes at a high cost. You will need to shell out hundreds of dollars for:

  • Salary plus bonuses and other expenses
  • Paid vacation time
  • Worker’s compensation and health insurance
  • Office space and equipment

Plus, you may need to hire new IT experts as your technology needs to change or when working on a specific IT project. Every time you recruit a new member, your capital expenses add up.

Given that the average salary of an IT manager in Springfield alone would set you back $130,449 a year, maintaining an in-house IT team would be pretty expensive for a small business.

But, when you hire a company providing IT services in Springfield, you don’t have to worry about these overheads. Apart from these capital overheads, the IT services company will also save costs like:

  • Employee training
  • IT consultation
  • Emergency repairs
  • IT budget planning
  • Licensing and compliance
  • Technology procurement through vendor partnerships
  • Operational costs
Predictable Monthly IT Cost

Another financial benefit of outsourcing your IT services is the predictable monthly cost. As your business grows, your IT expenses will also increase. However, most MSPs charge a fixed monthly fee, consolidating these expenses into a fixed set of costs.

In most cases, the fixed monthly fee will cover the following costs.

  • Hardware breakdowns
  • Software glitches
  • Network monitoring and cybersecurity
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Updates

That said, your operational IT budget will remain predictable and scalable, allowing you to plan your finances better.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring often involves providing security automation solutions and incident response plans and teams to mitigate potential threats or IT issues before they turn into a disaster.

According to the Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020, organizations with fully deployed IT security automation saved $3.58 million in the average total cost of a data breach vs. those with no automation deployed.

While your in-house team can also monitor your network, it often comes at an extra cost. You have to invest in the network monitoring software, new hardware, and other capital investments. However, your MSP can provide the same service at a fraction of the cost.

The primary benefits of proactive network monitoring include:

  • It involves performance monitoring, which helps improve productivity and efficiency.
  • As it can help you prevent costly data breaches, system downtime, and application or hardware failure, you can save considerable money down the line.
  • It improves your brand image as your business continues to operate seamlessly.
IT Support from Experienced Engineers

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing your IT services is that you can work with professionals having diverse experience and skills. You can hire an in-house IT administrator. However, their limited skillset often restricts them from doing more than handling small day-to-day tasks.

When partnered with an agency offering IT services in Springfield, you get access to an experienced team and the newest technology. In other words, even if your technology needs change or you launch a specific project, your MSP can provide you with the necessary support, usually at no extra cost.

Ensure Data Compliance      

Legal compliance is a critical but largely ignored benefit of outsourcing IT services. In-house IT teams often lack the knowledge and time to keep track of changing cyber regulations. However, your MSP will have the resources for the same as it is a part of their job.

Whether it is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), or Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, your MSP can help you ensure comprehensive data compliance.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Third-Party IT services in Springfield  

The Global Managed Services Market was valued at $152.05 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $274.20 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 11.2%. In short, there is no shortage of local and remote IT services agencies, making it all the more necessary to choose a reliable and skilled technology partner.

Besides, choosing your IT services in Springfield carefully will allow you to enjoy these benefits peacefully. Keeping the following points in mind can help you find a good MSP.

  • The MSP needs to have experience working in your industry. They need to understand your business to develop strategies that’ll help you flourish.
  • They need to provide you with excellent references. Never work with someone who lacks references from reputed companies in your niche.
  • MSPs often bundle different services into their packages. Make sure they offer the IT services you need.
  • Work with an IT company that offers transparency and accountability. Whether it is the monthly fee, response time, or network uptime guarantee, they must include it in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Also, ask how the MSP will make good on any failures or lack of performance.
  • The managed IT provider also needs to have dedicated 24/7 desk support. So, even if you encounter a problem on a weekend or a holiday, the MSP will attend to it promptly.
  • Lastly, the IT partner should practice proactive network monitoring. Working with a break-and-fix IT company will cause more harm than good to your small business.

The Managed IT services Provider Can Work with Your In-House IT Team

If you already have an IT team or an IT admin, you can still hire an IT services provider. Most MSPs are more than willing to work with their client’s IT teams. Hiring an MSP in such a case would offer the following benefits.

  • The MSP can take care of daily IT needs, freeing up time for your team to work on major IT projects.
  • Your IT team can reach out to the MSP should they need specific technical advice, information, or skillset.
  • Together, they can maintain a robust and performance-driven network.

Parting Words

Technology provides small businesses with the leverage to compete with other small businesses and big brands in their niche. The easiest way to ensure technical proficiency is to hire a managed IT provider. Being tech experts who charge a monthly flat service fee, they can transform your network and business processes without breaking the bank. In this digitalized world, partnering with a managed services provider would be the best decision you make as a small business owner.

Are you looking for IT services in Springfield? Check out how your business can benefit from our services.

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