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5 Major Benefits of Springfield On-Site IT Services

As the economic center of Massachusetts, Springfield is home to its fair share of small to mid-sized companies, all working to make a name for themselves. From retail businesses to manufacturers, entertainment brands to banks, this city has a wide range of entrepreneurial organizations on the cusp of greatness.

Hundreds of our local companies are growing substantially in 2021, and they’re starting to realize that remote IT services might not offer them the continuous aid and advanced IT security services they really need. They’re tired of dealing with IT help that’s too far away to do much good.

Although we live in a world where you can connect with professionals across the globe, there’s still something to be said for on-site IT services that are at your beck and call – right here in Springfield. As we talk with clients throughout this part of Massachusetts, we’re realizing that many don’t fully understand the benefits that accompany on-site IT support.

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits you’ll experience if you make the switch to Springfield on-site IT services.

1. You’ll Better Manage Your IT Expenses

The first benefit is your ability to save money with the help of on-site IT services. Although you might be thinking about how much it costs to hire an MSP/ IT Support Company, we encourage you to think long-term rather than short-term.

With Springfield on-site IT services, you eliminate travel expenses for IT technicians when remote help won’t cut it. You’ll always have help on hand, which cuts overhead costs and ensures you’re not wasting money getting help to your location.

Additionally, you need to consider how much proactive IT management saves your company. Sure, you might not need extensive IT assistance right now – but what happens later on down the road when systems break or a cybersecurity breach occurs?

Ignoring maintenance and security leads to hefty costs later on. It’s better to manage your IT expenses now with the help of an MSP that oversees everything – for a flat, predictable monthly rate.

Another thing to consider: United States companies waste an average of $247 per desktop on unused or rarely used software, totaling roughly $30 billion in wasted money each year. Hiring on-site services is a great way to assess what products you really use – and where you could actually save money.

At Netlogix, our team works to ensure you are properly negotiating your IT rates for on-site services. There’s no need to pay for solutions you don’t use, but you should also get a fair price for the services you need. In most cases, we are able to save our clients at least 20 percent on their IT expenses.

Not only do we negotiate on behalf of our clients, but we ensure they’re matched with IT support that truly meets their company’s requirements. Springfield on-site IT services should be exactly what you need – no more, no less.

2. You’ll Stop Wasting Time with Tedious Issues

The second benefit relates to dealing with ongoing, headache-inducing IT problems. Every business has a handful of technical problems that plague their teams. They cause downtime, and more importantly, they impact employee morale.

Managed services provider prevents you from banging your head against the wall on a daily basis. Their goal is to minimize your downtime and ensure you’re focusing on what matters: running your business. The IT professionals handle the tedious concerns while you focus on the big picture.

Additionally, on-site technical support works to reduce the number of mundane, repetitive tasks your company deals with. As Hubstaff points out, employees waste at least eight hours every week completing tedious to-dos such as:

  • Filling out manual timesheets.
  • Formatting spreadsheets.
  • Creating reports.

You hired your team members to do a specific job – and most likely, it has nothing to do with updating and managing technology, much less doing tedious tasks that could be automated.

We recommend turning to Springfield on-site IT services provider so that you can reduce the number of monotonous tasks your team faces, as well as eliminate some of the long-standing problems that are wasting your employees’ valuable time.

Our experts at Netlogix frequently remind clients that recurring issues are serious. No matter how small your tedious IT problems might seem, they can quickly snowball into something more serious if you don’t have an on-site IT strategy in place.

3. The Pros Will Implement the Best Tools

Roughly 21 percent of organizations do not have a policy around the use of new technology. About 82 percent of teams have pushed back on their IT or management in regards to which collaboration tools should be used.

In other words, there are far too many businesses out there that are not necessarily using the right tools (or procedures) to accomplish their tasks. There’s confusion from employees about what to use, as well as disagreements between team members about using new technology.

A big benefit of hiring an IT Support Company for on-site IT services is that you eliminate some of this back-and-forth discussion. A team of professionals providing proper IT consulting, who see how your company operates firsthand, will be able to guide you toward the best software and technology for your specific needs.

For instance, at Netlogix, we don’t just keep up with the latest and greatest tools on the market. We also get to know our clients – then make recommendations based on what we’ve observed. By offering on-site IT support, we get a close-up look at what our clients need, which allows us to recommend and implement the best solutions for their specific requirements or goals.

4. You’ll Boost Efficiency and ROI with On-Site IT Support

The fourth benefit we want to discuss is improved efficiency, which often translates to higher profits and therefore a better ROI.

We’ve already mentioned that on-site IT support helps you save money, but they also help your company work faster with fewer hiccups and mistakes. Great on-location IT teams don’t just eliminate tedious tasks – they find ways to maximize both employee productivity and company profit.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors and prove your worth to customers, high levels of productivity are essential. You can’t afford to have long help desk ticket response times or workflows that are unnecessarily convoluted. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Hiring Springfield on-site IT services provider will ultimately help your business:

  • Respond to customer needs and complaints quickly.
  • Prevent small issues from becoming bigger, more time-consuming issues.
  • Stall frequent/recurring incidents that reduce productivity.
  • Boost collaboration and communication between team members.
  • Craft custom workflows and procedures to ensure speed.

Although you might question the upfront cost of an on-site IT services provider, over time, you’ll begin to witness the increased return on your investment. Think of IT help as the oil that keeps your machine running smoothly. When things are chugging along efficiently, employees are happier and the company makes more money. It’s a win-win all around.

5. Your Cybersecurity Services Will Finally Be Up-to-Par

Lastly, we want to point out that hiring on-site support services is a great way to ensure your business is thoroughly protected from digital threats.

An on-site support team will learn your business inside and out so that it can provide the best possible defense tactics for your particular situation. Considering that recent studies have revealed a hacker attacks someone every 39 seconds, you don’t have time to wait around for a remote IT team to provide cybersecurity suggestions and installations. You need immediate, fast-acting solutions.

Springfield on-site IT services don’t just provide defenses – they turn your team members into protectors, as well. Having a support team or help desk on-location means that you’re more equipped to conduct employee safety training and prevent security breaches, cyberattacks, and other risks.

Only about 31 percent of employees receive annual, company-wide training updates from their employers. If you want to stand a chance against the competition, and against the many digital threats out there, you need to educate your employees on a regular basis. An IT company with on-site training services will help you do that.

Make the Switch to Springfield On-Site IT Support

You can’t always solve your problems remotely. Sometimes, you need an on-site IT services provider to get immediate, comprehensive aid.

Need some help shopping for the ideal IT partner? Download free chapters of the “Strategic IT Buyer” book today. In the digital book, we outline all of the questions you need to ask your current IT provider. We also talk about what an on-site IT support help desk is and give tips for hiring one of your own.

You can also reach out to our crew at Netlogix to discuss new software, cybersecurity services, and technology solutions. We’re standing by, ready to give advice on IT policies,

Call 413-853-9777 or Contact Our IT company via message today. It’s time to match you with the Springfield on-site IT services your team deserves.

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