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The Biggest Cyber Security Threats for 2019

In 2018, the average cost of a security breach ranged from $2.2 million to $6.9 million, depending on the number of records breached. Now, more than ever, companies need to be more conscientious about their security methods. Part of this means being proactive about your security measures, and understanding new and growing threats. 

AI vs AI: How Machine Learning is a Threat and a Solution

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and that includes both your cyber security threats and your cyber security suites. Next-generation cyber security platforms are now using machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify previously unknown threats, based on their programming and their behavior. Yet malicious actors are also taking advantage of this, using the methods that artificial intelligence use to learn against them. By "poisoning the well," malicious actors can teach AI cyber security platforms the incorrect way of identifying threats. This is going to be a growing issue in 2019, as many current cyber security solutions use AI for their virus and malware detection.

Cryptojacking and Cryptocurrency Attacks Are on the Rise

Cryptojacking is a method of siphoning off the resources of businesses and individuals to mine cryptocurrency, which can be traded for other types of common currency. Cryptojacking is a relatively new and particularly insidious threat, as it doesn’t do anything visible to a company’s system. Instead, it slows the system down and decreases the system’s efficiency, potentially costing companies a significant amount of money in utilities. Cryptojacking is likely to be seen more as cryptocurrency becomes more popular, and cryptocurrency-driven attacks are also on the rise

BYOD and IOT Requires New Business Processes

As employees are increasingly using a variety of devices — most personal — to complete their work, businesses are going to need to discover new ways of securing their data. Application-level security is becoming a popular method, restricting access to corporate data through a single authenticated service. Application-level security sidesteps the issue to secure the device itself, which can be critical for organizations with remote employees, work-from-home employees, or employees who frequently work on site. 

Your Own Employees Remain Your Greatest Threat

Despite all of the advances in technology, users remain the greatest threat to cyber security. 52% of companies believe that their employees are their most significant IT weakness and, in 46% of security events over a year, negligent employees were involved. The answer is to reduce the amount of risk that a user can present, by creating better security controls throughout the network. If something should not be done (such as sending unencrypted, plain text files), it should not be possible to do it. For some organizations, this may require an investment in better IT infrastructure overall.

What is the answer to improving your cyber security? It’s a combination of better processes, better technology, and better training. If you need to improve your company’s security, consider the advantages of a managed service. Consult with NetLogix today to learn more. 

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