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The Old Burying Grounds Mechanic Street Cemetery

Mechanic Street Cemetery, also known as the "Old Burying Ground" is a small town cemetery in Westfield. It was originally laid out with lots ranging from 18 feet by 16 feet to 10 inches. The oldest stones date back to 1700, and there are more than 100 Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in the cemetery. Approximately 1,127 people are buried in this cemetery, with 897 names listed on each stone. Mechanic Street Cemetery is also home to many veterans of the Revolutionary War. Some graves are over 100 years old, with 51 being buried between eighteen and ninety years old.

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The Old Burying Grounds Mechanic Street Cemetery is a historic early graveyard located in Westfield, Massachusetts. This 4-acre cemetery is the oldest in the city, with the oldest documented grave dating back to 1683. Today, visitors can view graves from all over the world at this historic cemetery. Read on for more information. (Click the button below to get directions).

The Old Burying Grounds in Westfield MA is home to graves of countless Civil War veterans. Many of these men served with Massachusetts regiments and fought in battles in Tennessee, Georgia, and Vermont. Many of these men were also members of the local Mechanic Street Cemetery. Today, you can visit these graves and learn more about their history.

The city of Westfield, Massachusetts, is home to several cemeteries. While there are a few public cemeteries in Westfield, many small, family-owned plots are also located nearby. The Old Burying Ground in Westfield is one of these smaller cemeteries. It was established on a small knoll across Fort Meadow from the city's stockade. Today, it's a popular place to lay to rest for many locals.

The Old Burying Grounds in Westfield, Massachusetts, is a historical gem. Located about 100 feet off Mechanic Street, the cemetery is guarded by a handsome wrought iron fence. While once not readily visible from the road, a Community Preservation Act grant helped the cemetery become more accessible. A bronze plaque would explain its location, which will be a great help to the community.

The Mechanic Street Cemetery is an early, historic cemetery in Westfield, Massachusetts. The four-acre property is one of the city's oldest cemeteries, with the oldest documented grave dated 1683. Mechanic Street Cemetery is the city's oldest cemetery. Here, residents can visit the remains of loved ones who passed away in the town.

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