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Read to learn more about how businesses in Worcester, MA, can benefit from outsourced managed IT services and how they can find the right local provider for their needs.

What to Look For in a Worcester IT Managed Service Provider?

Business success depends on a company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Technology can help a company become more productive, creative, and competitive if it is properly managed by a good managed services provider.

However, many small to mid-sized business owners struggle to maintain their IT internally because it requires a great deal of time and expertise. It’s hard enough to run business operations day-to-day, and IT is often the last thing on their priority list.

That’s where outsourced managed IT services come into play.

Managed IT services, provided through a third-party IT company, deliver solutions that ensure their client’s IT infrastructure is maintained, protected, and optimized. They handle all requested IT needs on behalf of a business and in-house employees, so they can remain focused on their core duties without getting bogged down by technical difficulties.

There are many SMBs in Worcester that could benefit from partnering with a local IT managed services provider. Worcester, the second most populous city in New England, has a very competitive business market. To keep up, up-and-coming companies in this area need to take advantage of all the benefits an IT managed services provider can provide.

Do you need help managing your company’s IT infrastructure? Here is everything you need to know when looking for an IT managed services provider in Worcester, Massachusetts.

What is an IT Managed Services Provider or MSP?

Before you partner with a Worcester IT managed services provider, it’s essential to know exactly what they do and why it matters.

An IT managed services provider will empower your business with highly qualified IT professionals who serve your technology needs, remotely. They will aim to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity through the implementation of smart IT solutions.

A Worcester IT managed services provider (MSP) will:

  • Provide logical IT Consulting service
  • Develop a service plan for your needs & budget
  • Minimize operational downtime
  • Quickly respond to your IT concerns
  • Implement advanced cybersecurity defenses
  • Provide better IT support solutions

In short, an MSP will act as a remote IT department for your business – while keeping overhead costs under control.

Key Features to look for in an IT Managed Services Provider

Now, let’s discuss a few of the top services to search for in a local IT provider and how they can benefit your business.

Network & Cybersecurity Services

Did you know that 54% of SMB owners believe they are too small to be targeted by a cybercriminal? Unfortunately, this is a very false assumption.

The truth is, cybercriminals seek out small and mid-sized businesses because they tend to have less advanced security measures in place than larger companies. If your company fell victim to an online attack, the effects could be lasting and devastating. Just one cyberattack can result in the loss of customer trust, the exposure of confidential information, and thousands of dollars in damages.

A worthwhile MSP will implement advanced, multi-level IT security protocols to protect your network from common cyber threats. These defenses will be managed and maintained by trained cybersecurity experts who stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Your provider will adjust your security solutions regularly to ensure it’s keeping up with the latest threats to Worcester businesses.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

As you probably already know, the loss of business data and private consumer information can have far-reaching consequences. However, a single data breach or natural disaster can wipe your computer network and cause you to lose all the information stored on your servers.

A Worcester IT managed services provider will provide you with data backup and disaster recovery solutions to prevent complete data loss. Your provider will automatically back your information to a secure, offsite location such as a managed facility or Cloud service.

So, you will have easy, immediate access to all your data even if your central server is compromised or destroyed.

VoIP Telephony

If your business relies on an outdated and spotty phone system, you may want to consider a managed IT provider that offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services.

VoIP is designed to address the issues that plague traditional phone systems. It works over a local network, which makes it more reliable and far less expensive to operate. With VoIP, your employees can manage their phone calls from the computer rather than relying on a phone line.

In addition, there are all kinds of features you can add on, such as call control and unified messaging – all without the need for additional hardware or lines.

Top Qualities in a Worcester IT Managed Services Provider

Some IT managed services providers are better suited for your business than others. Therefore, it’s essential to research your options thoroughly before making a partnership decision.

Here are a few qualities to look for in a Worcester IT managed services provider:

 A Proactive Approach to IT Monitoring

You need an MSP that will proactively monitor your network – instead of simply reacting to issues when they arise.

A proactive managed services provider will use software tools and sensors on your hardware to measure how well the equipment operates. If there are any deviations, the issue will be resolved, and your infrastructure will be adjusted to prevent future problems. This approach prevents downtime – something that is incredibly crucial for business success.

Local Knowledge in Your Industry

A Worcester MSP shouldn’t provide the exact same solutions to all businesses. Technology varies by industry and location, so IT solutions should be custom-tailored to meet your industry’s needs.

A dependable IT managed services provider will understand the unique technology needs of your business. They will have experience working with companies in your industry – and in Worcester. Your provider should also know how to provide the best technology solutions and stay compliant with any regulations your company must adhere to – legally.

A Proven Record of Success

Obviously, it’s important to make sure the Worcester MSP you partner with has a solid track record of quality services.

That’s why it’s a good idea to look at reviews and customer testimonials before signing on with an MSP. What others have to say about the provider will give you a sense of how they will serve your business.

In addition, an MSP or managed services provider should be able to provide you with examples of past success or references upon request. If they try to avoid sharing this information with you – consider it a red flag.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the right IT managed services provider will have plenty to offer your Worcester business. They’ll eliminate the stress of internal IT management and lay the foundation for growth opportunities and long-term success.

How can a Worcester IT managed services provider benefit your Worcester business? Let’s find out together.

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