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A Library like No Other - The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Tucked away in the heart of Boston, The Mary Baker Eddy Library is a world-renowned research center that holds importance for both its past and its future. The building itself is a gorgeous example of early 20th century architecture and design, with stained glass windows, detailed tile work, and an impressive atrium skylight.
But the real treasures of this library are found within its walls. Housed within the library are an expansive collection of primary source material related to the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy, as well as an array of resources on the subjects of religion, science, and history.

The mission of the Mary Baker Eddy Library is to illuminate Mrs. Eddy's remarkable life and the profound impact her ideas have had on individuals and society around the globe. In addition to serving as a research center for scholars, the Library also offers a variety of public programs and events throughout the year.

A History Worth Exploring
The history of The Mary Baker Eddy Library is as interesting as the material it contains today. Mrs. Eddy founded what would eventually become the library in 1894 as part of her work with The First Church of Christ, Scientist. Throughout her lifetime, Mrs. Eddy continued to donate both her own personal papers as well as an ever-growing collection of books and periodicals to what was then known as the Christian Science Reading Room.
After Mrs. Eddy's death in 1910, her home - which stood next door to The Mother Church - was torn down and replaced with a new building to house what was by then called The Mary Baker Eddy Archives and Research Center. In 2002, this building underwent a major expansion and renovation project - financed through donations from members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist - which resulted in the creation of the beautiful atrium skylight you see today.
In 2017, The Mother Church transferred ownership of the Library to a newly formed nonprofit organization called The Trustees for Christian Science. This decision was made in order to ensure that this important resource would be preserved and made available to future generations.

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The Library Today
The Mary Baker Eddy Library is open to everyone - whether you're a scholar looking to do extensive research or someone who simply wants to learn more about Mary Baker Eddy or Christian Science. Admission is free, although there is a small charge for some public programs and events.
When you visit, be sure to take some time to explore all that the Library has to offer:
* Head up to Level 2 to view changing exhibitions in Gallery 315; Gallery 315 is also available for rental for private events
* Sit down in one of the comfortable chairs in our Reading Room on Level 1 and enjoy some quiet time with a good book; complimentary WiFi is also available throughout the building if you need to do some work while you're here
* Take a break in our lower level cafe - Cafe3Ten - where you can purchase light snacks & beverages; Cafe3Ten also offers catering services for private events held in our auditorium or classrooms

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The next time you find yourself in Boston, be sure to swing by The Mary Baker Eddy Library! Whether you're looking do some serious research or just want to browse our collections, we welcome you warmly. And don't forget to grab a coffee from Cafe3Ten on your way out!

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